When Should You Hire a Litigation Lawyer

Litigation Law: When Should You Hire a Litigation Lawyer?

Anytime you find yourself in a dispute and want to file a lawsuit or settle the dispute with a business, you should consult with a litigation expert. They are critical if you’re looking to file a legal claim or defend against one, and they will keep the stress off you during the dispute.

Also called trial lawyers, litigation lawyers represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits, providing consultations for investigations, pleadings, and discovery via the pretrial, trial, and appeal processes.

Filing a lawsuit involves accurately writing a brief for the court that will demonstrate the facts of the incident, the laws that support a right to recovery, as well as precedent showing why the court should determine that recovery as appropriate. A litigation attorney will research and write these briefs for you.

A good litigation lawyer will cite specific areas of laws that will aid in a case and form a good litigation strategy based upon the specific set of facts and law.

Transactional versus litigation lawyers. These two areas of law tend to be misconstrued and confused with each other, because they often overlap. However, there are distinct differences.

Transactional practice involves preparing and researching documents — these can be in the form of contracts for mergers and acquisitions or closing documents for the purchase of property.

Typically, these types of transactional lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom — their main area of work is researching, compiling information, and advising.

However, having a transactional attorney on your litigation team can be helpful because of their thorough knowledge of the law.

Benefits of Hiring a Litigation Lawyer

Peace of mind knowing that you have a lawyer on your side. Although one can choose to represent themselves, a litigation attorney can take the stress out of a dispute.

A mark of a good litigation attorney is one that tries to resolve a dispute outside of the Courts because disputes can easily turn into complicated and costly lawsuits.

Having a litigation lawyer that will advocate for you in and out of court is a valuable asset, as a litigation attorney will have the expertise to diffuse and resolve the situation.

Moreover, experienced litigation lawyers will spend time coaching you as a client to ensure that you speak articulately and communicate facts succinctly.

Lower risks. Obtaining representation will boost the chances of everything running succinctly — from the initial case assessment, to drafting pleadings, the discovery process, pretrial tasks, settlements, and the appeals process, a litigation lawyer will boost your chances of these factors being slanted in your favor.

Your litigation lawyer will be familiar with the complexities of court procedures for your specific county.  Additionally, a litigation lawyer will ensure that your business adheres to local laws so that your case can proceed effectively and accurately.

Choosing a Litigation Lawyer

Since you will be working very closely with a litigation lawyer, you will want to work with a team that you feel comfortable with. They should have a client centered approach and be open to your viewpoints. You also want a litigation lawyer that will keep you updated throughout the proceeding.

Hire a litigation attorney who is willing to help you understand your case and simplify the judicial process. Find an attorney who will save you money and will seek to resolve the conflict quickly.

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