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Halverson Law is a Washington law firm founded by Erik Halverson, our lead attorney, in 2010. His vision has always been to create a law firm that maintains a core value of delivering high quality legal work, excellent communication and value-driven billing practices. Halverson Law adheres to our core values:

We take pride in our work, because we know you depend on it. Our team continually combs through new and existing resources to improve our library of transactional and litigation documents. In addition, we are always learning from our opponents and colleagues. The Halverson Law team is creative and multi-disciplined and incorporate our varied experience into strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. We create original legal product specific to your circumstances. After all, if you wanted a “one size fits all” canned product, you could consult with the “google law firm” for that.

Additionally, we strive to continue our education as attorneys and professionals. The legal profession is always changing, so if our knowledge base isn’t growing, it’s dying. To combat this, we hunt for subjects as a firm to bolster our knowledge base and always seek a professional edge to destroy our competition.

Our goal is simple: always improve. Keep getting better, stronger, smarter and sharper. Knowledge and procedure are power for our clients.


Communication is a core element throughout the entirety of the attorney-client relationship. We actively listen to your business counsel needs and work to understand your legal goals. As we develop your work product, we collaborate with you to make sure we’re hitting the mark. Unlike most law firms, our attorneys don’t bill for quick updates on your case – it is your right to know where your case is at.

No more communication outages.

No more unknowns.

No more worries.

This is how Halverson Law defines communication.


At Halverson Law, we value our clients and have designed a client experience that reflects this. When you visit our office, you will be greeted the second you walk in the door and offered our signature “Halverson Lawtte,” pictured here. We take pride in our office, our work, (our coffee!) and our client relationships.

Ultimately, our goal is to consistently provide value to our clients.

From his experience in the service industry, Erik learned the importance of high-quality customer service. Moreover, he instilled these lessons into the firm culture. Restaurants are great places to get a great meal. Typically, your waiter will bend over backwards to make sure you think “this person has a 20% tip coming their way.” This value driven, fast-paced environment taught Erik some core business values. Truthfully, it is a simple equation designed to exceed expectations:  Sophisticated product + exceptional communication + reasonable price = excellent value.

Reasonable invoicing

Halverson Law has systems in place to ensure reasonable invoicing:

  1. No billing requirements: Our legal team is not here to meet quotas for billable hours or revenue goals – we’re here to provide value to the client. Moreover, attorneys at Halverson Law were instructed to cut their billables from their prior firms by 30 – 40%.
  2. Billing according to value: Halverson Law attorneys are also instructed to only bill when they feel they’ve added value to the client and created meaningful work. When a client sees a line item on their invoice, it is only because critical work has been done on their case.

The result? Invoices that make sense. If a line item or invoice doesn’t make a client feel good, Erik will take the call and figure it out. A client is more valuable to Halverson Law as an ongoing client with future referrals, than a one time, single invoice money grab.

Looking to the Future

Halverson Law is always thinking of ways to help advance the way that people view the law and attorneys. With this in mind, we view technology as an ally and use it to help replace the physical files. As a result, this saves us time in finding the documents to help you with your case.

Last but not least, we have an active VLOG that we produce in house and a BLOG series. Both will help cover questions that our current and potential clients may have. We invite you to send us your questions so that we can answer them! It truly is an exciting way to engage with our community. We take pride in knowing that we provide a high level of service and we are always trying to improve, using ideas from our staff team and our clients.

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