Erik Halverson

Role: Managing Attorney

Admitted: Washington State (Active) and Colorado (Inactive)

Education: Seattle University School of Law, Juris Doctor; University of Washington, Bachelor in Economics

Practice Areas:
Cannabis Business Counsel
Small and Mid-size Business Counsel
Personal Injury

Clients value Erik for his sense of strategy, diplomacy and willingness to jump into the trenches with them to truly understand their actual legal needs.

He is heavily involved on the front lines of the cannabis industry, having been introduced to the industry during the legalization phase in Colorado and following this up with providing business counsel to the top retailers and producer/processors in Washington State. Through his various work with retailers, producer/processors and ancillary service companies, Erik has grown Halverson Law to occupy a major footprint in the Washington State cannabis 502 industry as a leading 502 cannabis business attorney.

Erik has a long track record of pro-bono public legal service, gaining him recognition in both Colorado and Washington states, including the 2014 Rebekah A. McBride Award as Pro Bono Attorney of the year award for the Northwest Colorado Legal Services Project. Erik has also been a repeat speaker on the cannabis industry, presenting both in 2016 and 2017 for the National Business Institute continued legal education on Marijuana Law, with additional presentations planned for August 2018.

Erik’s results also speak for themselves. Erik has represented injured victims and secured over a million dollars for various injury clients. In his role as a 502 cannabis business attorney in the marijuana law practice, Erik has assisted in rehabilitating numerous retail and producer operations, obtaining licenses for clients, and navigating the complex and often frustrating regulations that the industry is tied to. Often, these transactions and violation defense require out of the box thinking, a true understanding of the pressures on marijuana related businesses, and a true commitment to the needs and goals of clients.

Erik has built this firm from the ground up, starting the firm in 2010 after selling his vehicle – in favor of an $800 Chevy Celebrity station wagon – to fund his few months of office rent. Since these humble beginnings, this firm has grown to include a specialized staff of experienced, high caliber attorneys and legal professionals who demonstrate an incredible commitment to the firm’s clients and embody the values of integrity and strong worth ethic. This firm’s commitment is not only to its current clients, but also to rolling its resources and expertise into growing its staff, expertise, and sophistication for current and future clients.

Chris Larsen

Role: Transaction Attorney

Admitted: Washington

Education: Seattle University School of Law

Practice Areas:
Cannabis Business Counsel
Small and Mid-size Business Counsel

Chris’ practice primarily focuses on representing businesses in Washington’s marijuana industry with their transactional, regulatory, and compliance needs.

He has extensive experience negotiating transactions, drafting documents, and communicating the needs of his clients to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and other administrative agencies. Chris has also worked closely with local county governments and advocated for clients on various land use issues. Along with being a resource for clients, he also educates other professionals on the marijuana industry. Chris was most recently a panelist at the Fisher Phillips 2nd Annual Workplace Law Seminar for Canna-businesses; chairperson and speaker at the 4th Annual Northwest Marijuana Law Conference; and speaker at the 3rd Annual Northwest Marijuana Law Conference.

Christopher Luhrs

Role: Trial Attorney

Admitted: Washington
Eastern and Western District of Federal Court

Education: BS Finance University of Colorado
JD from Gonzaga School of Law
MBA from Gonzaga University

Practice Areas: Litigation
Civil Litigation

Business Counsel including:Cannabis
Real Estate

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, attorney Chris Luhrs is a results-motivated attorney whose primary aim is to achieve the goals of his clients.

“In performing my job, I aim to serve as a vital cog in my clients’ business or objective. I want to be a big part of the reason my clients are able to achieve their goals,” Chris explains. “To do this, it is important that I serve my clients in the most efficient, effective manner possible and I’ve found that my clients appreciate this approach.”

With a background in complex civil litigation, Chris brings to Halverson Law experience in the areas of real estate, creditor’s rights and general business counsel. Whether it is an eviction, mediation, or full-fledged litigation, Chris will help you to effectively navigate whatever the legal challenge you are facing.

Aravind Dileepan

Role: Attorney and Certified Mediator

Admitted: Washington

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College – Political Science
Masters Degree from Boston College – Political Science
Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law

Practice Areas: Litigation
Civil Litigation; Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution; Transaction

After an Army career that included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Aravind began his legal career. Aravind believes that every problem has a solution and strives to determine the simplest solution to fit the client’s needs. 

Aravind grew up in the South and followed his wife to the Pacific Northwest. He has significant experience managing people and duties under high stress situations. He has experience working for governmental agencies and conducting administrative advocacy at the federal, state and local levels.

Aravind prides himself on his abilities to write and communicate. He is a certified mediator and is comfortable in the courtroom, in front of an audience, or when speaking with clients confidentially in our conference rooms.

Outside of his work life, Aravind enjoys time with his wife and twin boys, who keep him very busy. They enjoy gardening and pursuing home improvement projects. In addition, Aravind continues to serve in the Army Reserve.

Andrew Ried-Munro

Role: Legal Professional and Support

Education: BA Degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington University
BA Degree in Sociology from Central Washington University

Andrew is a critical member of the Halverson Law team. Andrew established his moral compass and commitment to helping others through his accomplishments as an Eagle Scout. He is also a founding father for the Rho-Mu chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Central Washington University. 

Legal profession has been a passion for Andrew, but is only as of recent his profession. For the past three years, Andrew has worked at Puget Sound Regional Services, a 501C3 non-profit supported living agency. Andrew served this non-profit organization as management for the past two years, managing a team of 40 staff and community support specialists. He works closely with the attorneys and helps support the office. In addition, Andrew is studying for entrance exams to become a lawyer himself. 

On his off time, Andrew likes to spend time traveling to different countries with his family and has been to Tanzania, Peru, France, the Netherlands, and Russia. Andrew loves sci-fi and adventure movies and he has been an avid video gamer since he was little.

In memory of Maximus Legalus Caninus – Feb 20 2002 – October 19, 2017. Max assisted Erik with getting the firm off the ground and taught Erik the core values of patience and caring. He was the best dog, was always dapper AF, and will always be missed.

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