Business Law Strategy with Broad Reach

Starting, purchasing or restructuring any business entity requires thoughtful planning. The decisions you make today will have lasting consequences and will set the course for the future of your organization. For assistance during this crucial time, consult with our firm and we will apply our knowledge to help you along the way.

Our firm has helped business clients across the Pacific Northwest with start-up, acquisition, and restructuring. Whether you are seeking to buy a local convenience store or are involved in the start-up of a small privately-held business, our firm has the experience, knowledge and skill to protect your corporate interests.

Responsive and Confidential Counsel

Small business owners need ongoing legal advice throughout their careers. You need someone who understands your business, someone who is available to take your call, ask the right questions and offer experience driven suggestions.

You need a law firm that can read a contract, write a contract and explain all the pertinent details before you or anyone else signs. You need someone who can help you avoid common, uncommon and overall costly mistakes.

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