Business Law Strategy with Broad Reach

Starting, purchasing or restructuring any business entity requires thoughtful planning. The decisions you make today will have lasting consequences and will set the course for the future of your organization. For assistance during this crucial time, consult with our firm and we will apply our knowledge to help you along the way.

Our firm has helped business clients in Washington State with start-up, acquisition, and restructuring. Whether you are seeking to buy an existing thriving corporation are involved in the start-up of a small privately-held business, our firm has the experience, knowledge and skill to protect your interests.


Responsive Counsel

Small business owners need ongoing legal advice throughout the lifespan of their business. We understand your business, provide seamless communication, and ask the right questions to provide experience driven guidance.

We also translate the legalese that plagues contracts into regular English that you can understand. Our team believes that a contract is your tool, and in order to use your tool, you need to understand it. That is why we take the time to work with you so you understand how your contract works and what you’ve negotiated for.


In House General Counsel Services

In addition to traditional representation of businesses, we offer in-house general counsel services. If you have a need for in-house, on-site attorney presence, we offer fixed rates for full on site days. We offer this as a cost effective to small and mid-size businesses whose business needs do not warrant a full time attorney, but who have consistent legal counsel needs.

We will work together to determine an appropriate schedule to fit your needs. This plan is fit to your needs, whether it is a day per week, per month, or per quarter. On that day, an attorney from Halverson Law will be on site with your business. During that day, your business will have the undivided attention of your in house attorney, and the in house attorney will work diligently to address as many deliverables as possible.