A Go-To Guide on How to Brand Your Business

Fun Branding Tips to Grow Your Business

This is part two in our “How to Brand your Business” series.  My previous post touched on some important first steps to grow and protect your brand, like improving your website and appealing to the right market. Branding is so important to your business. A consistent and recognized brand will help your business grow and increase trust in your product or service⁠. Once you have a vision and consistent brand, have fun with your branding! If you have not read part one here is the link to catch you up.

The tips I’m sharing in part two will help you think of ways to have fun and be creative with how you brand your business:

1. Brand Your Employees.

Personalize your website showing your employees having fun in and outside the office. Take it a step further and give your employees a swag items that has your logo on it, like a hat or coffee mug. Give your consumers a good picture of who your employees are, professionally and personally. Hire people you want to brag about who are excited to be a part of this brand name. Not only will this help the culture of the office, but your customers will reap the benefits of good employees. Consumers like to know who they will be interacting with at your business and will see authenticity when shown. If done well, your employees can be the greatest assets for your brand.

2. Network.

Running a business is time-consuming and often isolating, but you still need to get out there and tell people about your business! Networking is an important part to branding your business and getting the word out that your business exists.

Consumers crave that face-to-face contact with the brands they invest in. Join your city chambers, support your alma mater, and get involved with your community. This can be as easy as reaching out to a more experienced person in your field and becoming a mentee. Or in the alternative become a mentor to someone new to the industry. You can promote your brand by being involved in the community around you.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Brag.

Your brand includes your accomplishments. If you have won an award on the Zagat guide, brag about it! If you have been rated a top employer in your county, brag about it! Consumers want to see that your business is doing well. This will add to the value of your brand. You have worked hard for these recognitions—be proud of them.

4. Don’t Do This Alone.

Seek out individuals with experience in your field of business. Benchmark every step of the way. See what has worked for them and what has failed. Advice should not be given just when a business is struggling, but also when it’s thriving. Be consistent with those contacts and never be too busy to meet up with them. They can help get the word out about your company in the right field. Additionally, if they ever decide to sell or expand you never know what kind of partnership can form. Everyone does things differently and it’s good to learn from each other, especially from your competition.

5. Have Fun!

Cliché? Absolutely. But this is true, you should have fun with your brand. Sponsor events you love. Sponsor your favorite sports team, put on a golf tournament, or sponsor a banquet. Pick something you like to do and make sure your brand is seen in that area of activity. I know a business that sponsors basketball games at their old high school . I know someone else that opens their coffee space for banquets, and open mic nights. Every person that comes to the banquet sees the logo and has a great time in a great space. There are fun ways to get your brand out there. Be creative with opportunities and if something fun and unique comes your way SAY YES.

There are so many ways you can have fun with how you get the word out about your company. Always step back and make sure the event or publication or team you’re sponsoring fits with your brand and fits with your business goals. If it does, go for it!

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Alisha Myers is an intellectual property and trial attorney with a passion for helping small businesses start and flourish in their community.