AVN and What To Do About Them

An Administrative Violation Notice or “AVN” is an official notice served by the Liquor and Cannabis Board (“LCB”) on a licensed marijuana retailer, producer or processor, which alleges the violation of ether the Revised Code of Washington or Washington Administrative Code. Typically, an AVN is the consequence of an investigation by an LCB Enforcement Officer into alleged impermissible activity by a marijuana licensee. The AVN will, among other things, summarize the purported violation at issue, indicate the method and date of service of the AVN, and indicate the requested penalty against the licensed business.
Several documents are usually served on a licensee along with the AVN, which include an LCB Narrative / Evidence Report, a copy of the law alleged to have been violated, and an Important Notice Regarding Your Hearing Rights.  Upon receipt of an AVN, you should review the contents closely to assess the allegations against your business, and – perhaps most importantly – ensure that you timely respond to the AVN by completing and returning the Important Notice Regarding Your Hearing Rights within the time frame stated on the notice.
It is prudent to consult an attorney after being served with an AVN to explore available options and form a plan to resolve the prevailing issues. Of course, we would be happy to assist you in the event you receive an AVN (but, hope you never do receive one!).