What Is the Goal of Mediation?

The goal of mediation is to resolve all or part of the dispute to help avoid the uncertainty and expense of going to trial. Mediation gives you control over the outcome of your dispute, since you’re not leaving it to a judge who doesn’t know you, your opponent, or the intricacies of your case. Halverson Law Group aims to give parties a true opportunity to work through their differences and resolve their dispute.

What Is the Benefit of Mediation?

There are so many benefits to mediation. Successfully mediating a case allows parties to stay in control of their case’s outcome. Mediation is not binding, so unless you reach an agreement, you or your client have no obligation to accept a settlement.

Successful mediation can also save immense amounts in attorneys’ fees. Parties who resolve even a portion of the disputed issues can streamline the trial and reduce attorney time. Those who resolve a case in full eliminate the need for attorneys to take their case to trial. Judges know that most parties in dispute will come to a resolution if given the chance, so they typically require mediation.

What Types of Cases Do We Mediate?

At Halverson Law, we mediate a wide range of cases, with a special focus on 502 cannabis business disputes. Through our experience advocating for individuals, families, and small to midsize businesses, we understand the pressures of litigation on all sides of the table. We handle:

Liquor and Cannabis Business Disputes. We bring our in-depth knowledge and specialized expertise in the liquor and cannabis industry to help mediate and resolve your dispute. We can assist with mediating disputes between owners, investors, third parties, or other companies.

Business Disputes. With a background in litigation and business counsel for small and midsize companies, we understand the mechanics of business disputes and can facilitate practical solutions between the parties to help bring disputes to a resolution.

General Disputes. Halverson Law comes from a background of general practice, allowing us to mediate in the following practice areas: personal injury cases, commercial and residential landlord/tenant conflicts, family law disputes, and other general disputes.

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