Peace of Mind

Some people view estate planning as the greatest gift you can give your loved ones – a detailed plan, so they know exactly what you want when you pass away.

Throughout your life, you work hard to build your estate, which includes everything you own – houses, vehicles, accounts, family heirlooms, and even pets. Your estate plan lets your loved ones know exactly what will happen to those assets upon your passing.

Lean on the experts at Halverson Law Group to help you create your plan. Our firm will meet with you, listen to your wishes, and assist in meeting all legal requirements. Planning includes providing instructions for:

  1. The future care of your children or dependents.
  2. The transfer of all your assets.
  3. The care of your pets.
  4. The transfer of your business.
  5. The arrangement for any desired donations.

Get Past Personal Setbacks

This is merely a snapshot of how Halverson Law Group can help with your estate planning. Creating a plan is especially important as you reach milestones in your life, such as starting a family or considering retirement. We also help you plan for critical decisions regarding your end-of-life care and any memorial arrangements.

Our team understands that the details of your unique estate plan depend on what is most important to you. Give us a call today, or stop by to set up an appointment. We have plenty of off-street parking, a friendly and professional staff, and a comfortable and casual office environment. We’re looking forward to helping you create your estate plan.

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