Role:  Trial Attorney

Education:  B.S. General Science, Seattle University. Juris Doctor, Seattle University School of Law (cum laude).

Practice Areas:  Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Civil Litigation, Cannabis Law, Civil Protection Orders, Jury Consulting

Michael’s first taste of the courtroom was during law school while interning for King County’s Department of Public Defense. Michael saw immediate success by being the first intern to win a Drug Court revocation hearing after only a month on the job. Michael was also the first law student there to ever be allowed to co-try a Class A felony trial. Michael drew on his prior experience working for a jury consultant to help pick the jury, give the opening statement, and cross-examine a Drug Recognition Expert. Michael’s client was facing over twenty years in prison and was found not guilty on all counts. After the Not Guilty verdict, several of the jurors approached Michael in disbelief that he was, in fact, just a law student at the time. It was at this point Michael knew he was destined to be a trial attorney.

Michael also quickly noticed that he could leverage his science background to achieve better results for his clients. This was especially true for crimes like Driving Under the Influence which largely depend on notoriously flawed instruments made by secretive companies. This also held true for probation violations which use inherently unreliable methods to screen out false positives and false dilutions in drug testing.

Michael became a fulltime defense attorney after passing the bar and has helped well over a thousand clients since. Michael was known as a persuasive negotiator who gets great deals for his clients behind the scenes while also being a natural courtroom advocate who has never been afraid to take any case to trial.

Whether the case is criminal or civil, Michael believes the most important part of effective representation is building a strong, frank relationship with his clients. The key to this is open communication and all of Michael’s clients have his personal cell phone number and know they can call or text him at any time.

In addition to his broad criminal experience, Michael continues to work for one of the most successful trial consultants in Washington. These cases have ranged from six-figures to hundreds of millions of dollars in size. But no matter the size of the case, this experience taught Michael the value of efficient storytelling and un-lawyering a case so a jury can understand it in simple terms.

Michael’s favorite hobby is rock climbing—especially with his niece and nephew. He’s a Washington native but has also lived in North Dakota.