Role:  Trial Attorney

Education:  B.S. General Science, Seattle University. Juris Doctor, Seattle University School of Law (cum laude).

Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation; Cannabis Litigation; Civil Protection Orders; Criminal Defense; Trial Consulting.

Michael believes the most important part of effective representation is building a strong, frank relationship with his clients.  They key to this is open communication and all of Michael’s clients have his personal cell phone number and know they can call or text him at any time.

In addition to his broad criminal experience, Michael continues to work for one of the top trial consultants in Washington.  These cases have ranged from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars in size.  But no matter the size of the case, this experience taught him the value of efficient storytelling and un-lawyering a case so a jury can understand it in simple terms.

Michael’s favorite hobby is rock climbing—especially with this niece and nephew.  He’s a Washington native but has also lived in North Dakota.