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Halverson Law is a Washington law firm founded by Erik Halverson, our lead attorney, in 2010. His vision has always been to create a firm that would treat the clients like family and to establish itself as a beacon at the forefront of Cannabis Law. Halverson Law may only have three Attorney’s, but we serve many client’s and even serve some big names in the Washington Marijuana industry, such as Smokey Point Productions in Arlington. Our Attorneys are not only qualified, they are very personable and approachable. They lift the weight and burden of law off of your shoulders and will do their very best to make sure that you have high quality service and dedication. The firm will all work on your case, so you will have the whole office at your disposal.

Commitment is Paramount

When we say we are committed to a client, it isn’t just some fancy word. Halverson Law makes a promise and solemn vow to our current and potential clients that we are fully committed to helping you with your legal problems and issues, and we will work hard for you no matter what. We are very serious and focused when it comes to our clients and we know that you won’t be disappointed.

Service is as Service Does

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Service with a Smile.” That is the motto for all customer service jobs. Well here at Halverson Law, we are always smiling because we get to serve the very best clients, and we get to go home knowing we gave them our very best.

Continuing Education

We offer lots of training opportunities within the firm and outside of the firm. Halverson Law participates in many continuing education classes in a variety of legal subjects. Our attorneys believe that the team should continue learning and growing, as the law does. This way, you get the very best up to date information to use toward your case and other legal issues.

Thinking to the Future

Halverson law is always thinking of ways to help advance the way that people view the law and attorneys. We view technology as an ally and we use it to help replace the physical files, which also saves us time in finding the documents to help you with your case. We have also decided to take a big step forward in social media. We have a weekly vlog that we produce in house and a blog series. Both will help cover questions that our current and potential clients may have. We invite you to send us your questions so that we can answer them! It truly is an exciting way to engage with our community. We take pride in knowing that we provide a high level of service and we are always trying to improve, using ideas from our staff team and even from our clients.

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